Sunday, 6 July 2008

handcrafted loveliness, part III

a third etsy-seller whom i really really like and want to feature here, is marcella's "timeless trinkets". she uses pieces of old jewellery, beads and charms to create charming new bracelets, nacklaces, rings and earrings.
there are a few themes appearing in her design again and again, amongst them being time, thus creating beautiful steampunk accessories such as this reversible necklace:

and tea, with lovely teapots and cups as charms. as some of you might know, i am a huge fan of drinking tea. it could be said to be my favourite drink, so it's no wonder i love those timeless trinkets..

here are some other favourites which can be found in the shop right now:

of course, i bought some pieces, but as my camera doesn't work right now (waiting for the batteries to be loaded again), i will show pictures of those in one of the next posts..

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Andreas Öjerfors said...

My favorite is picture number two.