Friday, 26 September 2008


today was the first time i ever got lucky at the fretex-shop (second hand shop by the salvation army) around the corner. usually the only nice stuff they have is far too expensive for me (600nok = 65eur for a vintage dress? nope, sorry.), and the rest is really crappy.

anyway, today i found a this nice jacket for autumn, it's a wool blend and it looks a bit like a riding jacket, and i do like that it's checkered as well. i actually got it a bit cheaper as there is a seam which needs to be fixed, but that i can do in almost no time.

of course, as always, i'll have to shorten the sleeves as well.

then, i also found a jacket by kenzo, but it was a horrible colour and far too big for me, plus there was a hole somewhere which reminded me of, well, moths. so, that one didn't follow, even though i was really tempted (it would have been 49nok, around 5 eur). i did take a cute cute cute little ralph lauren dress for 10nok - just in case i ever have a daughter who needs to have a nice dress when she is one year old...

and, i found a vintage dress with gorgeous buttons. it looks very 40s, even though it looks like it might also be from the 80s. i'm not sure at all. it is black velvet - polyester, sadly enough, and it will need a little taking in at the back, but i think i can do that as well. and i think i could stand some polyester for a night at the theatre. we'll see tomorrow. i'll post pictures then as well.

now, i'll put a shopping embargo on myself for the next.. month?? ok, week. i'll never do longer than that.


Cathy Voyage said...

Süße Jacke! Schön herbstig! Danke auch nochmal für deine Hilfe!

Anonymous said...

Oh die Jacke ist klasse :).