Saturday, 6 September 2008

light up my room

today i went to a flea market here in lüneburg. my plan was to find some nice little 50s china thing to have my sugar in, but of course i ended up buying totally different things. actually, not so many things, some clothes which i will show in another post, and - a lampshade.

up to now, i only had a lamp with a lampshade in my sleeping room, and a naked lightbulb in my kitchen/livingroom. i didn't want to have just any kind of lamp there, but something special which might go together both with my furniture and also with the lamp in my sleepingroom, which looks like this:

when i arrived at the fleamarket, more or less the first thing i saw was a cute 50s/70s-style lampshade at one of the first stands there. i guess i passed it at least three or four times until i finally asked if it still worked? the answer was yes, resulting in me wondering if i really might dare ask how much he wanted for it. fearing the price might be way above my purse, i finally asked and got as an answer that he wanted, well, 10euros? which was definitely a lot less which i had expected, so i didn't start arguing and took it home. here it is:

now the only question remaining is: how will i get it up to the ceiling? i do have something which might be called ladder-phobia. it's not that i am afraid of heights really, but i can't stand anything where i am up somewhere and can see down between my feet. so ladders are mostly a no go, and so are floors made of glass, even though i am training..

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