Thursday, 4 September 2008

this is goodbye

finally i am saying goodbye to my approximately almost 10year-old doc martens.

i still remember the day i bought them: it was a cold autumn day, i was fifteen and i had permission from my parents to go to nürnberg by train to buy shoes. i also had a paper in my military-bag which my parents had written, allowing me to follow my christian youthgroup to a band contest where one of our leaders, called Burli, would play with his band "Ångström", and staying there until midnight. this day felt so important to me, and i guess i was really happy. i went to this really cool store, the "British Empire", where they sold, amongst other things such as ben sherman clothing and british food, doc martens shoes and boots. and not only did they sell the classic black and bordeaux-red ones, but all sorts of colours and patterns. but. as i did not own enough money for a pair of the overly cool scottish-tartan-patterned boots, i finally settled upon classic brown leather. they also were reduced and only cost half of what then seemed to be a fortune.

one might say, they served me well. ten years is a good age for a pair of boots, and i loved them. still, i do not like to wear them anymore, they are not as comfy as they used to be, and, above all, taste changes and they are anything but elegant.

i always think it is hard to say goodbye to shoes and clothes, but i also think it feels very refreshing and liberating. especially when it comes to things with a past. such as my doc martens.