Thursday, 25 September 2008

desert rock

first of all, today i stumbled over this amazing swedish blog, ung farbror, by a really cool guy from stockholm who loves to dress in clothes inspired by the fashion from around 1900 and who makes his own hats. even if you don't understand all the smart things he writes, take a look at the pictures!

in his blog, he also features calexico's newest video, reminding me of all this desert-inspired music i like. woven hand, 16 horsepower, calexico. i love old westerns, too, did i ever mention that? even though i cannot agree with john wayne and his - private - opinions and even though i cannot agree with the way women are pictured in the movies he's in, i still think he was a hell of a guy. one of my screen heroes, ever. and no, i do not think that this contradicts itself.

anyway, from one thing to another and the next, what is also on my mind is that i am trying to kind of define the cornerstones of my own personal style (which i still haven't found, but i think i'm on a good way). one of those cornerstones would definitely be influenced by those 30s-40s westerns. but, i will come back to this later.

here today's outfit, a bit western-inspired.

jeans and blouse: h&m
boots: i honestly don't remember
belt: vintage (it once belonged to my mother)
necklace: etsy

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Thank you for your lovely comments :) I would be absolutely thrilled to add your link to my blog! I am in class on a school computer right now, so I am typing this quickly and furtively, but I will add you as soon as I am home!