Thursday, 18 September 2008

the geisha-sash

yesterday, i took up a refashioning-idea from the suburban queen: an "obi-belt" (hello starwars!!), or, for me, a geisha-sash. made out of old ties. it's real easy: take two ties of the same size and sew them together at their thickest area, right sides facing:

then flap the triangular ends back and stich them onto the corresponding tie (there is a picture of this by the suburban queen here). done!!!

you can either tie it more the obi-way, or, like me, with a little bow at the back (or front, depending on the length of the ties and the size of the bow), which you can see further down on my outfit pictures.

so, today's outfit, a bit geisha-secretary, maybe. or something like that.

skirt: gina tricot
blouse: zara
tights: lindex
shoes: deichmann
sash: selfmade, vintage-ties


Anna-Maria said...

What a cool idea!!! Thanks for the tip. :O)

fröken lila said...

the cool thing is that it is cheap, and you can make a lot of different ones to match different outfits...

Vasiliisa said...

Thanks for spreading the idea :). It looks great!

Joanna said...

men du så himla fint det blev!
perfekt blandning av vackert konstnärligt och strikt korrekt.

Joanna said...

jo, och så skulle jag säga att det kanske är en idé till vad jag ska göra av alla vackra slipsar jag aldrig kan låta bli att köpa på second hand-butiker till min pojkvän.
som avskyr att ha slips han känner sig strypt då.

fröken lila said...

@joanna: jo, det var precis så jag tänkte också.. min pojkvän bär inte heller slips, fast det finns ju så otroligt många fina sådana!