Sunday, 28 September 2008


we went to the theatre yesterday, my boyfriend and me, to see "Brand", a play by ibsen. it's the second ibsen-piece i've seen in norwegian now, and the first one set up in rhymes. which made the experience both interesting and exhausting. it was really difficult for me to understand the dialogue, but then the dialogue also felt very beautiful, through the rhyming.

the play is about this norwegian priest, Brand, who lives after the principle of "all or nothing" and who is sick of the superficial society he lives in. he and his wife kind of flee from society to a small place in the mountains, but he neglects his little son who is dying of cold, and he seems not to be able to give his wife the love and attention she needs after the traumatic death of their son. in the end, he has lost his family and his congregation which leaves him for a more worldly approach to life. realizing his failure, he cannot go on with his life.

i found the play very intense, even though i had a hard time figuring out what it was about (i hadn't read anything about it before), and i think i would like to see it again in a german version.

after theatre, i was taken out to a lovely dinner at an indian restaurant which we have wanted to try out for almost a year or so. it was soooo delicious!

(the pictures are taken from the national theatre's homepage)

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Kelly said...

I've never heard of or read Brand, but the set certainly is awe-inspiring! It's interesting - in American theatre Ibsen is almost always treated in a realist way. European theatre seems much more willing to take these plays out of their original context. How exciting!