Tuesday, 16 September 2008

with some delay

since last thursday i am back to oslo, with my favourite person a. with all the packing and unpacking and travelling i couldn't really get myself to do a post, so here come three outfits at once:

wednesday last week, 10th of september:
sailorstyle dress: vintage
belt: thrifted
tights: lillyput
shoes: deichmann
watch-necklace: marc by marc jacobs
and also, for the first time on any picture, me with lipstick on. but i still felt really dressed up with so much colour in my face. it will take some time getting used to that.

friday last week, 12th of september:
still a bit nautical inspired:
skirt: gina tricot
blouse: h&m
tights: c&a
shoes: skopunkten
watch-necklace: marc by marc jacobs

yesterday, monday 15th of september, and according to "a dress a day"
international wear-a-dress-day. which of course i did.
dress: betsey johnson
cardigan: h&m
tights: h&m
shoes: deichmann


Cathy Voyage said...

I think you should wear your lipstick more often! And I like your outfits!

fröken lila said...

i know. i really should.

Anonymous said...

Ich finde alle drei Outfits sehr sehr toll und mag besonders den Rock von Gina Tricot auf dem zweiten Bild! Und ich stimme Cathy zu, was den Lippenstift angeht!

fröken lila said...

der rock ist das kürzeste was ich in meinem kleiderschrank habe, da hab ich mich zum ersten mal seit jahren über die ich-finde-dass-ich-zu-dicke-oberschenkel-habe-hemmschwelle hinweggesetzt=)

jaja, der lippenstift kommt heute wieder drauf. aber das mit dem dran gewöhnen dauert noch.