Saturday, 20 September 2008

the secret lives of dresses

have you ever wondered about what all your dresses and clothes think about you? or how they experienced the latest party you went to? or how they felt about your latest breakup? are you interested? read a wonderful series of shortstories about the secret lives of dresses on erin's blog "a dress a day"!! you'll have to scroll down a bit to find the stories on the right side of the blog.

here is a link to my favourite one, i borrowed the picture from there as well.


mallis said...

Kul att du hittade fram till mig.
Kan även tipsa om Jane Eyre av Emelie Brontë. Bbc serien är riktigt bra.

mallis said...

Japp den har setts nu idag.
Och även The other Boleyn Girl. den var fin i kostymer och allt omkring. Men handlingen var väldigt Intrigerande och nästan makaber. men det var väl så då :) Har du gjort för kul idag då?

melmo said...

wow that's great. sounds really interesting, so I have to read it!