Tuesday, 16 September 2008

the beautiful girls

when i opened the postbox today, i finally had a large envelop in my hands containing an etsy-order. i love opening letters and boxes and everything the mailman brings - well, that being except bills, of course.

inside the huge envelop was, amongst other little paperthings (such as a set of cute stickers and a set of postcards), this lovely lovely aceo (art cards editions and originals):

may i present to you: viola!

the artist making such beautiful cards and prints is a young norwegian woman called annette mangseth, and her works can be obtained at her etsy-shop "carambatack" for very little money. i warmly recommend taking a look at her art!!

i also featured her here in my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow das Bild ist ja wirklich wunderwunderschön!