Monday, 11 April 2011

new home

we moved. now we have a larger apartment with a real kitchen (as opposed to mini-kitchenette) in a more quiet part of the city. we also have this on the ceiling:

isn't it wonderful? now we'll need to find a lamp worthy of hanging there.

i also got the news today that i will start as an intern at "Film fra Sør", a filmfestival for films from africa, south america and asia. fine things are happening!


Svenja said...

Das klingt ja alles wunderbar!
Zeigst du uns denn bald mehr von der neuen Wohnung?

Linnea said...

grattis ny lägenhet och ett intenship! låter spännande.

Doria said...

Fine things indeed. I love that, def need to find something worthy to hang there! Love the post! Congrats on the new place! :)