Thursday, 27 August 2009

shopping ban

ok. i have seriously spent far too much money on (random) clothes this summer. my bankaccount is not happy. at all. also, i have spent way too much time on shopping. didn't make me exactly happy, either. (though i do like what i bought..)

so. this leads to one conclusion: stop spending money on clothes. i have read several blogs on how to do a shopping ban, and have come to the decision that i will do the same. of course i'll write about my experiences here on the blog. the way of how to go about this thing which appealed the most to me was a mixture of sal's from already pretty, and jane's from workthat wardrobe (now blogging on the small fabric of my life).

both sal and jane knew (just as much as i do) that cutting out on shopping completely wasn't an option. thus limiting the amount of money spent on shopping on the one hand and creatively using what you already have in your wardrobe on the other hand is the solution to the problem.

so. i will, just as sal did, limit the amount i'm allowed to spend on clothing (including underwear, socks, accessoires and perfume) to 7euroninos per week. i will be allowed to save up in case i want to spent more than that on something. thus, i will not spend more than 28€ per month (roughly counted). which is absolutely within my budget.
furthermore, i will allow myself (just as jane did) to sell stuff from my wardrobe on ebay and use that money if i want or need (well, ok, i don't need, at all, at this point) to buy something more expensive. i will (as i have done before) try to present on the blog what i'm selling on ebay and will also try to post the results. like this, i'm not expanding my wardrobe but i'm getting rid of stuff i don't use anymore.

what i will exclude from the shopping ban is fleamarkets. this is, because i usually limit my fleamarket sprees to 10euros all in all and don't decide beforehands on what i will or will not spend this money. you could say it's like a hobby that you pay your 10bucks for every other week.

as you may or may not have seen, i have included a little wishlist to my sidebar on the right (thanks jenna for the how-to!), which has two purposes. firstly, to remind me of what i want to save up for, and secondly as a kind of goal i'd like to reach by not spending more than a certain amount of money. i will certainly not be able to buy all of these things during my shopping ban, but it'll be fun to see how far i get. i guess i'll also change the list every now and then, since my wishes are likely to change during time.

last but not least, time limit. as some of you know, i'm writing my thesis right now and have to hand it in in the end of november. so i limit my shopping ban until the end of november, with an option to expand it depending on how well it works out. this will hopefully give me more time to work on the thesis, keeping me away from shops. let's see how it goes...


Kitten said...

Good luck with your shopping-ban!

I found a muff btw! Guess who's happy now... :D

Cathy Voyage said...

Deine Outfits aus dem unteren Post sind wirklich super, vor allem das letzte!

Pappelschnee said...

Hello first reader :) Du bist mein erster Leser und auch direkt huldvoll erwähnt. Ich wünsch Dir viel Erfolg beim Shopping-Bann. Kenne das Problem leider auch... *seufz*

Anonymous said...

Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass du das alles so durchhälst :).

laura said...

klingt gut. ich glaube, ich werde bald mal probieren, komplett aufs einkaufen zu verzichten - ausgenommen socken, unterwäsche und sowas. (; eigentlich kann ich mir ja auch alles selbst nähen und riesen stoffberge liegen hier auch rum.
viel erfolg wünsche ich - bin auf die "dokumentation" gespannt.

Andreas said...

As a game designer I have identified a possible exploit in one mechanic: "what i will exclude from the shopping ban is fleamarkets."