Monday, 10 August 2009

travel dress

this weekend i spent with my favourite person in the world in karlstad, sweden, where his niece was having her name-giving-ceremony (in place of being baptized). we took a bus in the early friday evening, and while this dress certainly was a good idea in the frst place for comfy travelling, it turned out not warm enough. the busdriver apparently thought it necessary, given the outside temperature, to turn the bus into a driving fridge, so i ended up feeling really cold, as my jacket was lying in my bag in the luggage compartement. brrrrr...

dress: h&m
boater hat, bag and belt: thrifted
shoes: strauss

(and guess what happened on the return-trip? - yes, exactly, just the same. even though i had a cardigan with me inside the bus, i ended up borrowing my boyfriend's blazer. which might give some of you the thought of "oh, nice, boyfriend-blazer, isn't that one of the latest trends?" well, in my case it's not, as said blazer is not, as supposed to be, one size larger than me, but four sizes. or five. not trendy. but warm. which was the main idea, though.)


Anonymous said...

Ich hasse es wenn in Bussen oder Kinos etc. die Klimaanlage so extrem powert :)... kein Wunder dass da die Sommergrippe droht.

Tolles Kleid trägst du da!

Cathy Voyage said...

Schoen wie deine Accessoires alle zusammenpassen!

Bucca said...

So cute I love this look :)