Monday, 31 August 2009

fröken lila's oslo: Skaperverket

here comes part two of my little oslo-series. "Skaperverket" is a very special small store at the lower end of markveien.

maybe it could be best described as a combination of giftshop and gallery, as most of what you can find in there would be perfect as a gift, both for mothers, best friends, collegues or people you don't know so well. you can be sure to find something nice for everyone!

"Skaperverket" is a collective of different artists, designers and crafters from norway, who together sell their own works, but also imported things they feel fit into the concept. thus, the store features pretty white pottery, handmade clothing for grown-ups and children, japanese paperwork, handcrafted jewellery, cool toys and enchanting accessoires.

one of my favourite picks would have been this really cool elizabethan collar:

for contact, more information and opening hours, check out skaperverkets homepage!


Little Peaché said...

Sv: ja du får verkligen hålla utkik efter en basker! I vilken färg vill du ha en?

Kram på dig

Anonymous said...

Da würde ich auch gern mal Bummeln gehen. Sieht toll aus.

Jenna said...

oh, da will ich auch hin!

die jeans sind jetzt fast 5 jahre alt, schön, dass man es ihnen nicht ansieht :) ich hab sie in einem skateshop in frankfurt gekauft, die waren aber auch mal richtig teuer, 70€. dafür aber auch besser als jede andere jeans, die ich bisher hatte!

Dotti said...

Und schon wieder: Strike! Warte nur, bald hast du mich. Allerliebste Grüße, Dotti

Bucca said...

Wow that collar is stunning! I don't think I would have been able to resist it!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Its lovely - i'd love to visit there.

lari. said...

ich hab das shirt in größe 10 bestellt. auch so trage ich meist 38. die größen stimmen also wohl überein ;)

Never say never, Captain! said...

Wie niedlich. Oh, ich bekomme Shopping Laune.

alwayslistentoyourart said...

skaperverket it's a cute place! it's really nice things!