Tuesday, 11 August 2009

birds on repeat

today's outfit is almost a repeat of yesterday's. just breaking in the skirt =)

skirt: monki
top: h&m
belt, hat and brown bag: thrifted
tote: mq
shoes: strauss

if you wonder what's in the tote: i just came back from grocery-shopping and it contains a box of black currants, a bunch of carrots, some sugar peas and a lime.

tonight we are going to have a typical swedish dish, called "pytt-i-panna". it's really easy, you use all kinds of vegetable and meat leftovers (such as bell peppers, squash, carrots, peas, meat balls, sausages,... whatever you like, basically), cut it into small pieces, add some diced potatoes and onions and stirfry the whole shebang. season with salt and pepper and if you like you can serve it with a fresh sallad or fried eggs. it's delicious!

the lime and black currants were for a cake which is right now in the oven and hopefully done soon...


Anonymous said...

Hier gefällt mir der Hut besonders gut ^^.

Beki said...

Love your hat!!!


Le Tasché said...

Das habe ich schonmal bei Ikea gegessen, sehr lecker und für alle (fast) Fleischlosen einfach perfekt.
Der Print Deines Rocks gefällt mir sehr gut.

Jenna said...

der rock ist aber auch echt total schön!