Monday, 10 August 2009

thursday outfit

ok, a few days late, but who cares. this is what i wore last thursday, the tulip skirt made another appearance, combined with white-and-blue-patterned tights. though later in the day it got so hot that i changed to another, slightly longer skirt and got out of the tights. i don't dare having the tulip skirt without tights, it just feels a little too short and i'm not ready to introduce the world to m underwear yet... (and, i know it doesn't look so short, but i do have a long torso, and while my legs might look longer in this picture, they certainly are not.)

skirt: h&m trend
t-shrt and tights: h&m
shoes: din sko
necklace: marc by marc jacobs


Ni-chan said...

Dankeschön für deinen Kommentar. Bilder von der neuen Wohnung kommen noch - aber erst, wenn alles fertig ist =)

Der Rock steht dir total gut. Taillenröcke sind echt toll =D

Anonymous said...

Ich steh' auf die Strumpfhosen... und der Rock ist natürlich auch toll.