Thursday, 19 February 2009

the 6th picture

now even this tag that's been haunting the international blogworld reached me: ung farbror tagged me to go to the 6th folder in my pictures and post the 6th picture form that folder. well. the difficulty witht his tag is that i don't use "my pictures". and as i am at the moment not even sitting at my own computer, things didn't get easier.. so, instead i took the 6th picture-containing folder on my portable harddisc and took the 6th picture:

this is the hostel in prague where a and i stayed during our eastern europe holidaytrip 2007. the beds were horrible (ever slept on 3 small matresses next to each other instead of one large one? i cannot recommend it..), the kitchen even more so and the temperatures were not to my liking either. but, it was a lot of fun also.

here is a picture of me on the train to prague back then:

now i'll go and do some baking.
i do tag friederike (yes!!) and everyone else who hasn't been tagged yet (boring, i know..)

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