Friday, 15 May 2009

friday outfit

today i missed the meeting of my coaching-group for writing your thesis. it wasn't my fault but simply wrong information on the side of the leader - it was supposed to be at 10.00 but her email stated 16.00. that i was misinformed i realized of course too late.
so, instead i used the day - mostly for socializing. i had breakfast with my friend astrid who was here from berlin for two days, then i met up for coffee with my friend dany (who actually made it to the coachinggroup today, as she was suspicious of the sudden change of time), afterwards i had lunch with my collegues from the swedish department and to top it all i had afternoon tea at my friend nicole's place.

and this is what i wore for all this:

skirt: vintage
black t-shirt: new yorker
belt and cardigan: gina tricot
brooch: thrifted
tights: don't remember

and yes, i look tired because i took the picture around half past eight in the morning. which is practically night, counting that i was up until 2 last night reading austen. for my thesis. of course.

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Dotti said...

Liebe Lena, ich drücke dir ganz doll die Daumen, dass das mit dem Kleid was wird. Ich habe es jahrelang geliebt, aber im Grunde viel zu selten getragen... Zum Primark Kleid. 36 ist wie eine 36, nur der Beinbereich ist ziemlich eng. Aber dank Stretch und Elasthan geht's. Allerliebste Grüße aus München.