Thursday, 14 May 2009

diy blogparade

fashion diary by anna frost called for diy-projects for a blogparade (info here), and as i have some projects lying around, waiting to get finished, i thought i'd use the opportunity...

are you also bored by all those simple, plain t-shirts lying around in your wardrobe? or want to give away a personalized t-shirt? well, i thought, printing or painting is nice, but everybody does that, so when i wanted to give my brother a t-shirt for his birthday i decided on something different and dug up the good old method of cross-stitching. it really is simple, and above all, very relaxing.

to make a pattern, you draw the outline of the motif on checkered paper and fill the checkers within the outline with small crosses.
then, you need a needle, thread in any colour you like to use and, to make it a little easier and keep the fabric in place, an embroidery hoop. with all this in hand, take your time and stich one cross after the other until your embroidery is done:

this pattern i used i got from the swedish page "fuldesign", where they offer free patterns (a dancing michael jackson, a girl with balloons...) for cross-stitching as downloads. if you'd like to use words, here is a bunch of cross-stitching alphabets to be found which you may use privately but not for stuff you want to sell.

of course this is far from perfect embroidery, but that was not what i aimed for either. i think the pistol gives the rather oldfashioned method a nice twist..


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Bucca said...

lovely! what a great idea :)

kirschgeschmack said...

wirklich sehr fein! mit viel mut versuch ich mich bald mal am "Banksy Ballongirl" :)