Sunday, 11 January 2009

beautiful pictures, interesting stories, stunning atmosphere

here are some films i am so so so looking forward to seeing during the next months:

the fall - one beautiful, surreal picture after the other. a film about telling a story. about fantasy, and about different perspectives of children and grown-ups.

revolutionary road - by sam mendes, the director of american beauty and with leonardo di caprio (who is not my type but a great actor. it's always a pleasure seeing him in a movie) and kate winslet, whom i like a lot. and set in the 50s - what more can you wish for?

last, but not least: the spirit - frank miller goes neo noir. there will be style, there will be gangsters, there will be stunning pictures.


Andreas said...

I want to see those movies, too. I know nothing about The Fall though, but it looks visually interesting.

Cathy Voyage said...

Oh ja, Leo und Kate sind ja wieder vereint in einem Film! Den wollte ich mir auch ansehen...