Monday, 5 January 2009

may i introduce...

it seems to be quite the fashion to show off all your presents, but the thing with the ones i got is, most of them don't really go with what i otherwise show off here, as they are mostly of the practical kind. a good sign for finally growing up is when your parents give you a quality tool kit (so they don't have to come and help you with your furniture anymore..)... i also got a hand mixer/blender to make soups and smoothies, and a toaster (did i tell you that my brother works at bosch??). which i needed. badly.

the nicest thing - of course - i got from my boyfriend. the fashion blogger's dream come true: a new and gorgeous camera for my outfit posts, a lovely canon thingy, great design and according to the reviews, easy to handle. well. i'm still figuring out how to make the thing focus on my whole person and not some random part of the room, but i guess in another week or two i might finally get it =) only joking, but i haven't read the manual yet and that might be a good starting point...

so, instead of showing off all my christmas presents (though i promise i'll show the ones i got for myself..), i thought i'd introduce you to fröken katt, who since a few weeks back lives with me:

she is, as you might see, a japanese boudoir cat with a love for lace and cherries. also, she is quite two faced, which makes her both interesting and mysterious... and, the picture was taken with the new camera!!

her history is as follows: a few years back, my aunt, who is an artist, made a series of wooden cats in different sizes, and i always wanted to make one for myself when i was at her place. the thing got forgotten over time until last easter when i remembered it and asked if there where some parts left for me to make one. there were, and i started. after half the cat was done i had to go home and thought i'd finish her the next time i'm there, which wasn't until in december, when fröken katt finally got her dress and make-up and was transported home to where she lives now.

isn't she wonderful?

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Nadine said...

In der Tat: wundervoll!! Was für ein süßes Kätzchen.