Tuesday, 6 January 2009

eco tagg

det swedish blogger underbara clara tagged basically everyone who wanted, and as i liked the task in question i thought i'd take it to my blog:

list three ecologically positive habits you have and three negative ones, plus list three things you would like to do better in future.

so, three environmentally friendly things i am proud over:

1. i use the bike or walk most of the time, other than that i take public transportation. in other words: i don't own a car.

2. i just changed my electricity supplier, from e.on to lichtblick. now i get sustainable electricity!!

3. i don't shower everyday anymore but only every other day. the other days i wash carefully, but i don't need as much water. if i shower, i try to keep it as short as possible.

three environmentally not so friendly things i am not so proud over:

1. i do fly pretty often, and i use cheap airlines such as ryanair. the reason is that there are no trains to oslo from here, or rather, i'd be travelling for two whole days to get there but in autumn we plan on moving together, so i won't fly so much anymore then.

2. my computer is on a lot of times when i don't need it. it doesn't use a lot of energy, but it's a bad habit anyways.

3. i still haven't isolated those windows and doors here, so i guess i'm heating a lot for the birds.

three things i would like to get better at:

1. buy more local food and ecological food

2. say no to all those plastic bags you get when out shopping. meaning also: get better at taking my own bags with me when going out for shopping.

3. buy more second hand or, if new, classics of really good quality, instead of cheap stuff which will break after two uses. this is the hardest nut to crack. definitely.

so, i'm tagging dotti's dots, strawberry kitten, om stil, almost stylish and mybeautyblog. there you go!


Dotti said...

Danke, meine Liebe. Und: Vorbildlich! Ich wohne inzwischen ja mit zwei Jungs zusammen und muss denen noch so viel beibringen... Oh je.

Anonymous said...

Heelloo there sassie lady! I hopa you will have a wonderful 2009! Lots of hugs!! Moniqa

giggleness said...

ja, det är mkt man borde börja göra för att skydda naturen. mer natur vänliga produkter är en av dom så klart. jag duschar eller tvättar håret varje dag, så det kan man ju också alltid dra ner på. :)

Rana said...

du bist ja suess!