Friday, 23 January 2009


i just started to put some stuff on ebay again, a book (Tintenherz - which i wanted to write about here but it never got done. maybe next week..) and a perfume (cartier's "declaration" which i liked a lot in the beginning and which almost makes me feel sick now. weird thing. i still adore it somehow, i just can't smell it anymore).

also, i put up a petticoat in size 38-42 (it doesn't fit anymore since i lost soem weight during autumn):

and a really cool hat which i bought 2 years ago but never used:

and, once again, those boots in size 37,5:

there will be some more stuff during the next days - and please, tell me if you are interested in any of these!


Dotti said...
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Dotti said...

Meine Liebe. Ich bin böse. Habe dir noch immer nicht geschrieben. Ganz, ganz bald aber: versprochen.
Und: Das Hütchen ist sehr, sehr süß.

Linnea said...

jag vill ha petticoaten! vad blir portot till sverige? ar det 4.50 euro eller blir det lite mer till sverige?

yiqin; said...

Great buys! I like the skirt!