Sunday, 7 June 2009

the limits of control

yesterday was a good day. i went to the fleamarket (will show later what i found), did grocery shopping, began an elderflower-lemon liqueur, made my own pesto for the first time (had to kill basil because of lice) and went to the movies with a friend. both of us are great fans of jim jarmusch and his work, so we went to see his new film "the limits of control":

i loved it. i loved it so much that i got angry about all those people around us in the cinema who couldn't keep their mouths shut for two minutes, and who couldn't sit still for one. it was so disturbing. why can't people just silently enjoy a calm movie? why do they have to comment each and everything that happens aloud? and why do they have to laugh out loud when a situation is actually more amusing and making you smile for yourself than burst out with laughter? but i loved it so much i couldn't even get myself to ask all of them to shut up. which i otherwise always do.

it is a masterpiece. it bears remembrance of "dead man" (which is my alltime favourite movie), though in a very unconnected way, there are elements of "ghost dog", though even more scaled down. and i would say that in its own way it might be called jarmusch's hommage to alfred hitchcock. it is about cinema, and about the essence of great cinematic experiences, it is about our limits as viewers, and it is in a few very short moments deeply political in its commentary on the cultural industries and how they function. it is a statement for the importance of independence in all areas of cultural production, and it is a statement for the necessity of people working outside the established structures.

please. go see it. and please: enjoy in silence.

i still need that jim jarmusch dvd-box. it is essential for my dvd collection, which otherwise is not too large.


ragazzatoccata said...

I agree on the talking during the movie, but not on the laughing, i don't know the movie yet, but e.g. seeing a comedy is fun, when laughing together with a lots of people instead of sitting there anonymously next to each other...

fröken lila said...

this film is not a comedy. it has some moments of comic relief, but even then they are not really that funny - they are rather cute and make you, as i wrote, smile or laugh quietly for yourself, but not burst out laughing. people seem to have difficulties handling this kind of subdued and calm humour. i like comedies and think it's great to laugh together with other people at the cinema, but in this movie i thought it was rather inappropriate.