Friday, 9 April 2010

we won't run

yesterday, my friend maria amelie asked me to join her and some friends for a free concert at internasjonalen. i didn't know anything about who was going to play, but she has good taste in music and it was a while since i was out for beer and music (and i am missing it a bit), so i said yes and went and was very pleasantly surprised. sarah blasko (from australia) offered some highly imaginative texts and a beautifully simple show. i loved how her movements looked like she was running in slow motion, and how she seemed totally absorbed in her music.


bénédicte said...

hi, i thought i'd rather give you a direct reply to make sure you read it. :) the tailor in question has his studio in welhavens gate, the shop is called oslo skredderstue. it is probably the most expensive place in oslo, i paid more than a month's salary to have a jacket fitted. :/ then again, he is also extremely professional and very skilled, and a funny guy. i don't know about any other tailors as i usually fix my own clothes. there are lots of cheap vietnamese tailors around, though.

as for shoemakers i go to emre in sporveisgata (just off bogstadveien). nice prices and good quality, though you may have to wait a week to get your shoes back. they replace soles and heels on many of my shoes several times per season.

if you're looking for real high quality (and the only person in norway who is actually a shoeMAKER), head to dagestad in josefines gate (near bislett stadion). if only to drool at the beautiful shoes.

Anonymous said...

Oh das ist wirklich schöne Musik. Ich mag ihre Stimme.

Maria Amelie said...

What a nice evening:-) thanks!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog too :) They mean so much, and its comforting to hear other peoples stories of similar situations (even though its not a nice situation to be in).


Svenja said...

hej lena,
jaja, die schuhe sind fein, ich hab mich immer noch nicht entschieden, aber blau find ich auch sehr gut.
ich hatte ganz vergessen, wegen berlin zu antworten. ich bin momentan bei einem online shop im produktmarketing und texte da den ganzen tag und mache produktbeschreibungen. es war eine spontane entscheidung.
bisher ist es nicht so bolle. :(
ich sag nur: praktikantenausbeutung wie man das sonst nur vom hörensagen kennt.
mir fehlen die redaktion, die arbeit dort und das schöne hamburg.
wie geht es dir?
huch ist der kommentar lang. das nächste mal schreib ich lieber eine e-mail.
liebe grüße