Friday, 9 April 2010


i've been using my old purse basically ever since i started this blog, and during the last half year or so it fell more and more apart. time for a new one:

with lots of small compartments and pockets

and pretty detailing at the zippers:

i don't know the brand, but i found it in a small store in grünerløkka. the first one i bought had a broken zipper after just two days of usage, so i went back and returned it. however, the model is both practical, feels good in the hand and it suits my style, so i exchanged it for the exact same model and have been happy with it for a month now. i love it!


Anonymous said...

Die ist ja perfekt. Meine Geldbörse fällt auch fast auseinander, aber ich habe noch keinen tollen Ersatz gefunden.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, simple and stylish!
I've given you the Beautiful Blogger Award! Wishing you a lovely weekend.