Thursday, 23 February 2012

by:Larm 2012: ane brun

i took some time off from everyday life to travel to oslo. visit friends, see an opera, volunteer for by:Larm once again. by:Larm is the perfect rock/pop/music festival for me: it is very well organised, takes extremely good care of their volunteers, everything is indoors, and the concerts are so short that it doesn't matter if one or two of them are not as expected - you can just leave to see something else.

one of my best moments there was the beginning of ane brun's show at kulturkirken jakob. together with magnus renfors (who had earlier worked together with roy andersson on "du levande"), she had produced "one", a short film musical based on four of her new songs, which had premiered a little earlier this year at gothenburg international film festival. the film was screened on a reflective glass plate standing in front of jakob kirke's old altar painting. the juxtaposition of the film's bleak aesthetics to the dark, warm colours of the painting made the experience quite magical, intensified by the church's wonderful acoustics.

you could say that the film shows a poetic circus, with bleak colours and strange props. it circles around suffering and death, but also the wonders of life and creativity. her video for "do you remember" is part of the film:

if you ever have the chance to see "one" as a whole, i heartily recommend it.

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Svenja said...

Liebe Lena,

die Schuhe von Flip*Flop fallen ca. eine halbe Größe größer aus.
Manche auch ein bisschen mehr, kommt aufs Modell an.
Wenn du genauere Passformbechreibungen für ein bestimmtes Modell brauchst, sag Bescheid.
Hier gibt es ja auch einen Flip*Flop Laden. Wenn ich da mal vorbeikomme, könnte ich das überprüfen. :)
Liebe Grüße