Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a new tea pot

ever since the day after christmas, my favourite person in the world keeps asking me what i want to have for my birthday - which is in april. so i thought i'd come up with some kind of wishlist which i'll put up on the blog.

first out: a new teapot. considering the amounts of tea that i drink, and the pleasure i take in sipping my tea, it feels strange to only have two teapots, of which one actually is designed for coffee rather than tea.

pretty triangles by ferm living

this traditional white one by höganäs would probably hold twice as much as the one i use right now. perfect for having tea with friends! (they also have very nice bowls and plates... just mentioning)

fine little day has, together with anna backlund, designed some wonderful porcelain for a new label called rym. their mix-and-match concept is wonderful - and i would love one of those teapots (maybe the one with the black pattern, or the pattern with the wooden triangles? or the pattern called "tissage" on the cup in the front?). and maybe one or two mix-matched cups and saucers...

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