Thursday, 5 March 2009


yesterday me and my very favourite person a went to see laleh play at parkteatret here in oslo. i don't really know what happened to me but when we got there both of us had a beer and after that my evening was pretty much hell. my stomach didn't like me at all and i felt like i had eaten far too much, i started cold sweating and felt a little dizzy. this started during the warm-up act, who wasn't very impressive so i already forgot his name, and as soon as he finished we went out to get some air and sit for a while. i felt better after a quarter of an hour and decided i could go inside again, and just a few minutes after finding a nice space close to the backdoor but with a nice view the main show started.

the show itself was amazing, i love laleh's playfulness, and she shortened and changed most of her songs in different ways, so the show was all about seeing new facets of her art, and she played most of my absolute favourite songs. also, the show made me appreciate some of her songs more than i had until now, so i'm happy we stayed.
still, i felt rather faint most of the time. the air was horrible, as it was warm and there was almost no oxigen. i'm glad a. stood right behind me and held me, and towards the end we went outside the back doors to sit down for a while, which was the best i could do. i probably should have gone home, but then i wouldn't have seen (and heard) the show and i'm happy i stayed. i feel better today, though still not perfect, so i'm staying insides watching jane eyre...

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Lillgull said...

Strange about the sickness..? Must have been a bad beer? So unlucky!

Thanks for the comments on my depressed blog post! I agree with everything you wrote.
Dancing without a partner at a dancing class is difficult (or so I´ve heard).Most dance classes doesn't even accept you if you don't register as a couple. I guess men in Stockholm have two left feet, and they don't care to learn how to dance.... My old dance partner from Norrtälje died unfortunately a couple of years back. It feels like I am never going to dance that way with a partner again.