Wednesday, 19 March 2008

salmon with three kinds of onion

i have not always liked salmon, and it still depends a lot on how it is prepared if i like it or not. The swedish television, svt, has had a cooking show called "Niklas mat", which for the time being is not being produced or broadcasted, but instead, niklas started a videoblog for svt's webpage. here, he gives simple, easy and quick to cook recipes or shows special cooking tips. in swedish, i should add.

anyway, here is one recipe which i really came to like, it's "salmon with three kinds of onions" (lax med tre lökar).
for this, you need - for one person - some garlic (the first kind of onion), a shallot onion and two or three spring-onions. if you like, you may even add some red onion or some leek. it's all up to you and what you like. as well, you need a glass of white wine, some olive oil, salt and pepper and of course, a piece of salmon.

start with chopping the onions into rings or halv rings and the garlic-cloves into two pieces (you may want to take them out before eating). heat the olive oil in a frying pan and put in the chopped onions, have them sweat a little (don't brown them!!) on not too much heat. add the glass of white wine (don't forget to taste it before!) and blend. pile the onions in the middle of the pan and put the salmon on top. don't season!! put a lid on and have the whole thing cook on low heat until the salmon is done. season then with a little salt and pepper.
if you like, have some wild or brown rice with it.

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