Tuesday, 30 November 2010

style experiments, part I

ida skovmand was looking for bloggers and others to take part in some style experiments, and since i felt like i needed a kick to get blogging again i thought i'd take part. to present ourselves, she now asked us to chose one outfit from the past which we felt was meaningful to us in one or another way, and to take a picture of it lying on the ground. meaningful could be that it was what we wore on a day that means much to us, or also that it makes us feel special, or whatever else we would interpret as meaningful.

i chose the outfit from the day when i got together with my boyfriend. or rather, the day after. i was newly in love and went on single vacation to the norwegian fjords, and i felt such joy and happiness even though i was leaving him behind for some days. we hadn't slept that night and i almost missed my train to bergen at half past six in the morning.

i had bought the dress a week or too before, at myrorna on tomtebogatan in vasastan, stockholm. i remember that i only could afford one dress, and had a hard time deciding between this one in terrycloth and a longarmed number with a tartan pattern. it was june and warm so i took the white summery one. my converse are not the same ones as i had 4,5 years ago - they were green-pink-white-striped and died a year later. the t-shirt was almost brand new, it is by h&m and must be one of the best t-shirts i bought ever. i love it a lot, though i don't use it so much anymore. i had the t-shirt on top of the dress so my backpack would cut so hard into my shoulders. together, we went on the same journey to the fjords for our 3 year anniversary - although with other clothes, but equally happy.


Svenja said...

das ist ein schöner post. ich mag solche kleinen geschichten :)

Tagwort//Tagbild said...

Das ist eine herrliche Idee und noch bevor ich las, welches bedeutsame Outfit du wähltest, schwante mir schon, was kommt und es ist eine ganz passend schöne Outfitgeschichte!

Andreas said...

I love you so very much!

Wollmaus said...

Zuerst: Schön, dass du wieder da bist und bloggst!

Zunächst: Ein sehr schönes Outfit, romantisch und sommerlich.

Zuletzt: Eine wirklich schöne Geschichte, die mir in Erinnerung gerufen hat wie es war, als Herr Wollmaus und ich zusammengekommen sind.

laura said...

oh, wie schön - ich liebe sowas: wenn klamotten mehr werden als nur klamotten, wenn sie eine bedeutung bekommen, eine geschichte. wunderbar. zumal die geschichte sehr sehr hübsch ist. (:
und ich freue mich, wieder von dir zu lesen!

eine schöne vorweihnachtszeit dir, lena!

Cara said...

Hach, eine schöne Geschichte!