Sunday, 13 February 2011

curtain skirt pillow

this friday i finally got my sewing machine out again. it's not like i don't have any ideas of what to sew, but i just never seem to get myself together and take the time to actually sew something. even my mountain of clothes that need to be fixed has grown higher and higher this past year (however, i took care of a larger part of it yesterday. now it feels like i have a whole new wardrobe!). however, on friday i found this nice little store with sewing supplies (buttons!! trim!! more buttons!!), bought some elastic band and, once home, took out a curtain i had bought during christmas sales. the curtain then became this:

and this:

now i have a skirt to match my pillowcase. or the other way around. whichever you like best.

blouse: h&m
cardigan: thrifted
bloomers: thrifted gudrun sjöden
tights: rossmann
boots: goertz via ebay


Andreas said...

Good to have a new cover for the pillows. I think you did a good job on both that one and the skirt.

And there is my lovely Lena in her new skirt. =)

Cara said...

fein fein =)
ach, ja, ich vermisse das nähen....wenn einem das Leben genug Zeit schenkt, macht es echt Spaß!

Doria said...

Nice! yay new clothes! :)

Linnea said... matchande kuddfodral o förkläde:) Fint!

Tina said...

That's a really cute and creative idea! And another great idea is what you said about the XXL mugs from Indiska - using them as a flower pot. I like creative ideas like that!

laura said...

was für ein schöner kissenbezug, lena! auch der rock ist wunderschön, sieht sehr schick an dir aus. ich mag auch die "bloomers", die unten rausschauen, möchte schon lange ein paar. (: