Tuesday, 8 March 2011

the melody festival

every year, my favourite person in the world and i sit down and watch at least one of the many episodes of the swedish songcompetition "melodifestivalen", when sweden votes for their contribution to the grand prix d'eurovision. also, it has become a tradition for us to find fault with each and every song and band and of course to make fun of them. after all, most of what is on offer might as well be classified as to trigger acute ear cancer.

however, every now and then we face the problem of - fasten your seatbelts - a nice or even great song! something we actually could imagine to put onto our spotify-playlist!

this year it was a song that might not be the best in the world, but it really makes me happy. so happy that every time i hear it i start loughing because it is so hilarious and funny. and sweet:

i mean, really - those dancers with their trumpets and pretty mod dresses! and the video in the background, the clapping hands and dancing mushrooms! and the perfect timing of those smoke clouds! and no wind-machine! and he can actually sing! but what i probably like best of all is that the whole thing doesn't take itself so serious.


Doria said...

That is AWESOME! hahah... Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

After talking to you I look at this video differently!! :-D