Sunday, 13 March 2011

slow sunday

i have a little cold, so i take a slow sunday and don't do that much. apart from reading blogs, getting lots of ideas for our new apartment (we'll be moving in two weeks), drinking tea and packing my bags for a short trip to sweden. i'll visit friends and since we'll invade the local thrift stores and fleamarkets i pack very lightly - my luggage will probably be a lot heavier on my way back.. this is todays outfit:

a comfortable dress with pockets, warm tights and a nice belt.

dress: zara
belt: vintage


Svenja said...

Das Kleid ist sehr hübsch liebe Lena! Ich wünsche dir gute Besserung und viel Spaß in Schweden!

Doria said...

good luck with the move. What a cute dress!

Linnea said...

Vad spännande med en flytt...och en liten tripp till Sverige, om än inte Gbg...kul med loppisar! Jag ska nog ta en runda på onsdag, här i skogarna runt Landvetter...

postade klänningen idag.