Monday, 16 January 2012

green box

not only do we have new apartment in a new city (uppsala) in a new country (sweden), we also started a new life concerning what we eat: we ordered a "green box". which means that every wednesday we get a large box with ecologically grown veggies and fruit delivered right to our door. it greatly reduces the schlep-factor in grocery shopping, is not much more expensive than buying regular vegetables at a supermarket, the quality is higher and we even get information about where our happy apples grew up.

so far we have only tested it for one week, but i'm really happy about it. we get three different sorts of fruit and six sorts of veggies (whereof usually at least one kind of sallad) and i try to come up with fun recipes to use them. i would say that each week there will probably be at least one fruit or vegetable that i usually wouldn't buy or have never bought until now. definitely challenging!

another good thing is that come summer we'll try out the completely swedish box - not only organically but even completely locally grown. i have to admit that with all the beets and roots during winter it is just not as attractive for us right now. we really don't like beets. at all.

for those of you living in sweden, we order lilla mixlådan from ekolådan. i'm sure there are similar offers in germany and lots of other countries. check it out!

edit: in germany you can google "grüne kiste" to find out if there is a service like this close to where you live. i also did a quick search for "vegetable subscription" and there seem to be a couple of programs in the states as well as in great britain.


Hey Monkey Butt said...

I wish they offered something like that here. ::jealous::

Pappelschnee said...

Hey :) Schön, dass Du wieder da bist!

Andreas Öjerfors said...

The green box is good in so many ways. Ecological, healthy, and fewer dead animals haunting our consciousness.

Lillgull said...

Hej och välkommen tillbaka! Äntligen!
Vilken underbar grön låda. Som att ha en "farmersmarket" hemlevererad! :)

Vad har du för ny blogg? Glöm inte att länka..