Monday, 16 January 2012

new city, new apartment, new life

everything is kind of new. even though we already moved in the beginning of last november, i feel like we only moved here just at new year.

a new country, new city, new apartment, new life.

the last half year has drained me completely, i lost all my energy and initiative, and the last thing i felt like was blogging. even though i formulated ideas for blogposts at least three or four times a week, i just couldn't sit down and write, much less for the world to read.

but now. i started a new blog (which i will link to in due time) but really want to blow life into this old one again. the new one will be more work and less life. this is more life and less work. at least that's the general idea.


Hey Monkey Butt said...

Was wondering what happened to you. Hope all is well and that you're enjoying the new city! Happy New Year!

Andreas Öjerfors said...

Welcome back, Words of Fröken Lila!