Friday, 23 November 2007

just. start. writing. again.

well, after a real good long weekend in milano, i finally decided to finally start writing my blog. it's not as if i never blogged before, actually i do that quite frequently on, but i kind of never find the link to my page there and as well, i write in swedish, which is rather unpractical if i want other people to be able to read all the nonsense i got to say. so now, this is it. i hope everybody enjoys it.

i'm not quite sure what it is i'll be writing about. you know, some people write about their journey somewhere, others about food or film or whatever it is they are interested in. like maybe motorcykles or frogs or the daily weatherreportanalysis. first i thought, i'd write about different things withing culture, after all, i study culture, and you could press basically everything in that drawer. on the other hand i do know myself and i'm pretty sure the whole thing is going to be nothing more and nothing less than a more or less accurate, picky and not at all regular diary. still, it will include my thoughts about christmas (it's coming closer..), film, arts, theater, fashion, food and everything else i got an interest in.

for today, or at least, today around eleven in the morning, i'll content myself with this and the fact that i'm already late for my lunch with dagmar att the university. and i hate my computer for being so stupidly slow at times.

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