Sunday, 25 November 2007

palazzo reale I, vivienne westwood

when in milano, i saw (amongst a lot of other interesting things) two exhibitions at the palazzo reale, which lies next to the duomo.

the first one i saw (and went to see on my own) was about vivienne westwood, her life and, most important, her fashion. the exhibition gave the right amount of information about her life to understand her development within the fashion world, and especially the development of her style. it was interesting to see how her working-class background influenced her especially in the beginning of her carreer, when she and her first husband created the punk-look, and how her reading about fashion and its history gave her new ideas all the time.

it was amazing to follow the rooms of the exhibition, which was sorted chronologically, and to see how she picked ideas from pictures she saw and books she read during the time, and how she wasn't afraid of copying, thus creating her very own style. i think i only saw one or two dresses i could think of wearing myself, but that's not really the point. i guess her fashion is art, much more than that of any other designer i saw until now. her dresses seem more like sculptures to me, some are surrealistic, some others really baroque, while her shoes look really futuristic. she is so creative and so eccentric, i just have to admire her...

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