Saturday, 24 November 2007

the last unicorn

some time ago, i bought the dvd of the movie "the last unicorn". the film is one of my childhood-favourites (along with both the disney- and the 1938-Errol-Flynn-version of robin hood), but i always felt like i couldn't really remeber it. so, yesterday i took my time to watch it again after at least 15 years, and i have to say that it hasn't lost any of its magic at all.
the music feels - even though it is a bit kitschy - timeless (and, as i watched the movie in the original with german subtitles, i finally understood the lyrics of america's title-song...) and the voices (in the original) match the characters extremely well. Above all, i loved christopher lee as the evil king haggard (i just fall for dark voices..) and mia farrow as the unicorn, but alan arkin did a nice job as well.
the animations are said to be an hommage to the early disney-animations from before the 60s, but they seem, as a lot of asian (probably japanese) people were involved in the making, influenced by japanese arts, such as hokusai's "the great wave". the film has so much grace and lightness in it, i was just amazed.
i also read that there was to be a remake with real actors, but as i couldn't find any information about when or where or who, i guess it was just rumors...

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