Monday, 3 November 2008

random things

some week ago i was tagged by "all this happiness", a blog which i highly recommend reading as it is just wonderfully sweet.

6 random things about me

1. i'm a tea addict. i usually drink one big pot (almost 1 liter) black ceylon tea in the morning, and depending on time, temperature and mood i drink between one and three more pots during the rest of the day, especially early evening. then it will not be black tea but either fruit, spice or herbal tea.

2. when i was a kid, i guess i must have been four or five years old, i was bitten by a huge german schäfer at a friend's birthday party. since i was born i had always had a spot in the rightside region of my waist which was a bit darker than the rest fo my skin. the dog bit me excactly there, making the mark even more visible through the scar. i used this spot as an excuse for not wearing a bikini during my teenage years.

3. giving presents to people who i like can, at times, be enormously important to me and then i will spend hours on finding just the right thing, wrapping it up, writing a nice card - and obsessing on how and when would be the perfect time to hand it over. if i am very close with a person who is supposed to get a present from me, i also have difficulties of keeping my mouth shut about it, but will give hints or talk about having found the perfect gift. and i am always really proud about myself if i actually keep my mouth shut!

4. i am one of the few people who stay in the cinema until the text has gone all through, and i can get very annoyed if people get up and stand in the way when i want to sit and see who was responsible for the costumes. i also get very annoyed if the people who run the cinema turn on the lights before the text has rolled through. and i probably am one of two people in the world clapping my hands at the end of a good movie.

5. during fifth grade, my way home from school used to be really long, and even though i had a bike most of it was going uphill and really tiring. then i started imagining that i could fly home and my bike would find its own way there. ever since i imagine me flying whenever i am bored of walking or biking somewhere.

6. during 5 years of university i have lived in 7 different houses in two different countries. that's pretty impressive i'd say. the result is that i find moving rather annoying now and i wish i will not have to do it in a while.

6 random things i like

1. sitting alone in the cinema watching a good movie.

2. recieving and writing old fashioned handwritten letters and cards. i love to open my postbox and do it almost every time i pass it.

3. spices. a big favourite is cinammon and ginger in fruit sallad. i also like spices in chocolate. chili or rose pepper in dark chocolate, cardamom in milk chocolate.

4. the smell and feeling of new sheets on my bed.

5. gratin. if i could i would have cheese baked over basically everything. apart from cakes and deserts, that is.

6. the mountains.

6 random things i don't like

1. smelly people. cold smoke and cold sweat, especially on men who apparantly haven't showered for weeks. i have a rather sensitive nose.

2. dogs in stores. dogs smell and lose loads of hair, they put their nose in and on everything and some also salivate wherever they go. i am not allergic to pet hair (and i am happy for this), but others may be, and i find it rude to take your dog into h&m where it will leave its hair and bacteria on the clothes which other people want to try on before buying. even worse is people takign their dogs into grocery stores. there are things i want to eat, and i don't want anybody's dog's nose on them! i think it should be a common rule of good manners to leave your dog at home while shopping, and i don't understand why people obviously don't think about these things.

3. noise pollution on public transportation. i do not want any random person sitting close by to decide that right now it is time for some hip hop or metal being presented for the whole bus through their bad quality earphones. also, i do not want to hear other people shouting into their mobile phones when i happen to stand next to them on the tram. and the fact that you can use your mobile phone as a kind of modern juke box does not imply that you have to play the dj for the whole train department now when somebody else would like to sit quietly and read.

4. asparagus. there are very few things i do not like to eat, but asparagus is one of those few things.

5. spiders. it is not a total phobia anymore, but i still have problems with those really ugly big fat ones.

6. people who don't know how to behave in a theatre or cinema. that is, people who talk, throw popcorn around and forget to turn off their mobile phones and generally behave as if they were at home and not in a public place where they might offend others.

now you know a little more about me. oh. when i read the things i don't like it almost looks like i don't like people. i do like people, in general. i just don't like some ways of behaviour. maybe i am too sensitive? what do you think about these issues?

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Zizzi said...

Självklart får du vara med och tävla!
Lycka till!

Betty Lou said...

mmm, jag ska klura lite