Saturday, 18 September 2010

africa vintage

today there was a huge fleamarket at the school right across the street from where we live. i got myself out of bed early for this and was quite lucky - although norwegian prices even at fleamarkets still make me stand with my mouth open because i just can't figure why stuff should be so expensive (yes, 12€ for a vintage dress with stains and smell is considered cheap here.. i still don't get it).

there were loads of people there, especially in the room with the ladies' clothes, so i just grabbed whatever nice fabric i saw and tried to fight my way to a corner with some room to see what i had in my hands. there was no way of trying things on, so guess how glad i was when all the four dresses i bought turned out to fit like a glove! i left with one woollen vintage winterdress and three vintage cotton dresses - the one above included a pretty matching bolero with fabric covered buttons as well!

these vintage cotton dresses (including one more which i had to leave behind for lack of funding) must have been donated by a lady with great taste. i would say that they probably were made in the 1960s, but i am not quite sure, one seems home-made and two are done by a professional tailor, as the label says. all of them are made of patterned fabric which seems to be inspired by african batique patterns - maybe the fabric was even printed there?

just a couple of weeks ago i stumbled over some nice dresses and jumpsuits at asos, by their asos africa brand, and was quite tempted to order one, and i have also seen several items at zara with small patterns in brown tones, batiqued patterns and other native inspiration. these three dresses really fit my bill for this autumn - i'm happy i found them!


Svenja said...

das hast du mal wieder sehr gut gekauft! :)

The Collar of the Dove said...

oh i love these finds..awesome prints and colours, you lucky thing!:)

Dotti said...

Sindse das, die baumwollenen Schmuckstücke (sehr hübsch!)? Also, bei Baumwolle greife ich bei halbwegs vertrauenserwaeckend aussehenden Farben zu Öko-Feinwaschmittel, dem Feinwaschgang und dem sachten Schleudergang. Das geht! Nix von wegen Zaubertrick. Und für gewöhnlich ist der Muff dann weg. Oder zumindest nach dem 2. Mal.

About HOOPLA! said...

hello,my name is Ruth from Indonesia and those patterns are batik patterns from my country :)

sophia said...

wow!die kleider sind fabelhaft!