Sunday, 5 September 2010

music on the roof

one of the most amazing venues for open air concerts this summer must have been the roof of the norwegian opera where i work. the stage was floating on the fjord while the public was sitting on the roof. we had a couple of wonderful shows there, amongst others with the norwegian band big bang (who gave the expression stage diving a whole new meaning... the fjord was really cold at that point!) and a charming al green.

for me, however, the absolute highlights were two evenings in a row, with the goodbye show of the folk rock act gåte and the swedish singer/songwriter lars winnerbäck. while i have admired the latter for a long time (and what i loved best with his show were all the old songs and classics he played. wonderful.), i had never heard gåte before, and was very pleasantly surprised - two hours of waiting in the rain was surely worth the bombastic light show and explosive music that followed:

i really don't think i've ever seen a light show better adjusted to the music than here. i'm still amazed.


out of the mist said...

Just Beautiful!!!
... can you follow my blog please!!!
I'll be very grateful!

fröken lila said...

@ out of the mist: thanks for stopping by here at my blog. however, i don't follow blogs just because i'm asked to, and i don't really like the practice of bluntly asking somebody to follow a blog. as a reader i stay if i like something and i leave the page if i don't like it there.

franchement. said...

mag dein blog (: