Monday, 13 June 2011

back from paris

last saturday we came back from paris. we rented a wonderful tiny apartment (found here via nano) close to the gare du nord, and enjoyed our time there tremendously, despite the weather being mostly cloudy and rainy.

in no particular order or preference, we did indulge in the following:

* ate (and bought) lots of good cheese
* drank lots of cheap wine (we found a fantastic wine bar in montmartre)
* took a trip up the eiffel tower and felt seasick 300m up in the air
* drank tea and bought macarons at ladurée
* took a tour on the canal (which was mostly nice, but rather longish due to dubble-locks and other obstacles such as unlifted bridges taking lots of time)
* ate lots of croissants for breakfast
* drank more wine
* bought perfume, a green beret and kusmi tea as souvenirs

* visited the louvre and stared at the masses staring at mona lisa (however, i was amazed by the raft of the medusa. it really was as awe-inspiring as i thought it would be.)
* visited notre dame and sacre coeur
* got engaged on our 5th anniversary in a little park on montmartre
* ate lots of fantastic french food (there were two amazing restaurants just around the corner from where we stayed, called Chez Michel and Chez Casimir - i heartily recommend both of them!)
* saw the kubrick exhibition at the cinematheque francaise (best exhibition i saw in a long time)


Doria said...

*jealous* Oh and did I read that your got engaged while there?

Doria said...

Awe congrats! :))

laura said...

lena - das hört sich fantastisch an! ich war ja so schon ganz begeistert von den programmpunkten eurer reise und dann lese ich auch noch, dass ihr nun verlobt seid! herrlich. da geht einem nun wirklich das herz auf. ich freue mich sehr für dich und gratuliere! (: achso, und ich speichere diesen post für unsere parisreise diesen sommer.

Linnea said...

Grattis till förlovningen! låter som en underbar liten resa!