Monday, 6 June 2011

off to paris

when you read this we're off to paris, to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

in no particular order or preference, we thought we would indulge in the following:

eat lots of good cheese
drink lots of cheap wine
see the eiffel tower
eat lots of macarons
take a tour on the canal
eat lots of croissants
drink more wine
sniff some perfume
visit the louvre
sit in nice parks
eat lots of baguette
see the kubrick exhibition at the cinematheque francaise
buy kusmi tea

i'm sure it's going to be a splendid trip!


Tagwort//Tagbild said...

this sounds great, like a trip thats all the time, the money and sth more worth it.


Doria said...

*jealous* But congrats. Have an awesome trip and take lotsa pictures!

Linnea said...

men gud vad härligt! grattis till er anniversary och hoppas ni tickar av allt på listan! inte alls avundsjuk...:)