Wednesday, 8 June 2011

june afternoon

on the first june weekend, my favourite person and i went on a walk to explore the neighbourhood. there are lots of lovely old buildings, with ornaments and greenery on the facade. since oslo consists of more than just a few mountains, quite a number of those houses are built into steep hillsides, with staircases in between. when walking up one of those flights of stairs, we found this hidden side-entrance:

we also came across a couple of really old lilac trees, and i couldn't resist climbing one of them.

skirt and socks: h&m
t-shirt: monki
bag: vintage
shoes: dinsko


Doria said...

These are very lovely pictures! :) What an awesome neighborhood you live in!

laura said...

so schön - dein outfit und die bildhintergründe. deine nachbarschaft hört sich wirklich zauberhaft an und sieht auch so aus! (:

Cara said...

ach ja, Türen sind was feines. Ich könnte auch andauernd Fotos mit tollen türen machen =)