Wednesday, 27 February 2008


i'm sitting at the torp-airport close to oslo right now, with approximately 1,5h to kill time. sure, i got some books with me, and i got some stuff to write down as well, but as this lovely computer station was absolutely abandoned i thought i updated this blog a bit.

this morning, i heard about this thing called "bookcrossing", you take one of your books that you would like otherpeople to read, register it, put a short note about the bookcrossing-thing inside, and hide it somewhere in town. then, you put the place where you hid the book online, and somebody else can go there and take the book. pretty smart, it's something like the worlds largest bookclub..

anyway. i'll check out the tax-free now (don't have any money left, so there is at least no risk of me buying chocolate..).

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