Tuesday, 12 February 2008

sundaycinema for two

on sunday evening it was time for cinema again. a and i still had two free tickets for the colosseum (we had found bubblegum over one of our seats there once and complained, so we got two free tickets - in norway, nobody ever goes to complain over anything, so the guy who worked there more or less fell out of his shoes when we came and asked for compensation..), but we couldn't decide on a movie to see together.
a really really wanted to see "cloverfield", but, since i am not at all so much into monster-horror-flic-things.. well, you know. i would have missed half of the movie being scared like hell, hiding my face on a's chest and holding my ears not to hear too much of the creepy sounds (i got some more stuff to tell you about creepy and sound, but that's another story).
anyway, i had read a lot of positive reviews about "juno" and when we checked the cinema program, we saw that both movies were shown at the colosseum at more or less the same time, so i decided we could go to the cinema together but see different movies and meet at home afterwards. perfect!!!

the thing is, when you go to the movies, as soon as the lights are out and the movie starts you sit there basically on your own in your own little world between all those other people and you don't really have anything of the company (apart from above described situation or if you want the rest of the visitors get angry and throw popcorn at you so you stop talking). i like going to see films on my own, and i do that extensively.

so, juno. for me, i guess, the feelgood-movie of the year. no doubt about it.

the story is pretty simple, juno, 16 years old, bored and curious about life, gets pregnant. she decides to have the baby and eventually give it away for a perfect couple to adopt it. of course things don't go as smooth as that, but still, nothing really out of the normal happens, and that's what makes the movie so nice and perfect. it's not too sweet, but also there are no over-the-top obstacles on juno's way through pregnancy.

apart from the pregnancy, juno is the kind of teenager i had wanted to be but never was cool enough to become. she is sharp in her replies, clever, and full of crazy ideas (like moving a whole livingroom-furniture from one lawn to the front of her not-boyfriend bleeker to tell him about the pregnancy, or like putting about 100 boxes of tic-tacs into his mailbox). she has the most understanding parents ever, and the best and most comforting best-friend to have in her situation.

when i think about it, i feel a bit ashamed, because when my friend v got pregnant (at 18, but still some time before graduation from school) i really wasn't the best friend to have. i just hope i could make it up to her by now..

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