Sunday, 24 February 2008

beautiful day

today was probably oslo's first real spring day for the year, the sun was shining brightly most of the time, the air smelled of fresh grass (well, at places with lawns nearby) and the temperature was pretty high for this time of the year - i guess around 10 degrees, plus, of course.

i decided to use the lovely weather for a nice walk, and ended up in the famous Vigelandparken, which is where i usually go for my jogging-tours as well. instead of taking the usual round from one end of the park to the other, i decided to explore some corners at the far end of the park, places that i hadn't seen before. the park is a lot bigger than i had assumed until now, and i like it more every time i go there. there is a small hill with a lot of trees on it which i had only seen from far away until today. it looks like a place for fairytales...
actually, those rather remote areas of the park remind me a lot of places where we played as children, so i guess i'll change my running-tours a bit to see how spring is going to change them.. things start finally turning green again =)

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