Monday, 25 February 2008

a beautiful piece of music

eskobar (feat. heather nova) - someone new

pure, beautiful pop music.

sadly enough though, eskobar took part in the swedish melodifestivalen, probably europe's largest event with seven shows in seven different swedish towns to find the artist to represent sweden at the grand prix d'eurovision. it's a huge part of swedish (pop-) culture, and in general they feature more or less the same (schlager-) artists every year, and no artist with real musical ambition and any dignity would ever take part. i feel a little bit ashamed of myself, but a. and me are really sitting and watching this thing on saturday evenings.
anyway, it's a sad thing that eskobar actually felt they had to take part. and even more sad that they didn't win. in fact they landed last place on last saturday's show. which is a shame for the swedish people, as it shows that they don't have any taste in music. at least not the majority of them..

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Anonymous said...

Men tjena tjejen! Hoppas du mår toppen..och här skriver du på english ser jag =)) Have a nice day! love Moniqa