Sunday, 25 May 2008

about batman

people probably think me crazy to chose batman as a topic for my next exam, and i guess, i probably am. i have to admit, of all superheroes it was always batman who fascinated me most, and i have always wanted to have a black t-shirt with the yellow bat-logo on it. (i still haven't got one, so if you want to make me happy..)

anyway, the exact theme of the exam is "tim burton's batman - aspects of evil". and the exam is in one week's time, so i better get going. yesterday, the last two dvds (bought on ebay) finally arrived. batman forever and batman& robin, so i took on me the challenge to see batman forever. i hadn't seen it before, because i didn't want my positive image of batman destroyed, but now there was no way around it.

and it hurt!!! val kilmer as batman hurts, not only my eyes but even my ears. it's a shame!!! i kind of liked the new batman (batman begins), i guess i can live with it because it has a serious approach to both the comic, the villains and batman himself. and it is dark.

batman is supposed to be dark. batman forever is an explosion of basically every colour you can think of. batman is supposed to be serious. this was an explosion of inept one-liners. and, batman is supposed to NEED the batsuit to look stronger and more frightening than bruce wayne. bruce wayne is absolutely not supposed to look like a businessman with bodybuilding as a hobby.
sorry, but on a scale of zero to ten with ten being the highest credits, this movie earns a minus two.

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